Bryson Gray went from Bernie fan to Trump backer and along the way dedicated himself to only making clean music. Find out why he Happy Black Friday! Become a Daily Wire Member today for 50% off with code DW50: #Shorts #DailyWire #BenShapiro #DW50 When inflation runs high, governments look for scapegoats, and, as inflation painfully rises, President Biden and his officials have directed the Federal Trade Commission It costs a lot to live rich—and it’s only gotten pricier over the past year. Forbes has been keeping tabs on the cost of The woke (read: miserable) Left has decided that Thanksgiving is a day to reflect on how terrible America is. Nonsense! Thanksgiving is a day Singer, song-writer, and performer, Ciara, visited the White House for a conversation with First Lady Jill Biden and Pediatrician Dr. Hina Talib on COVID-19 A pardoned turkey is a happy turkey. Peanut Butter and Jelly were excellent guests at the White House last week and our administration wishes Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney is pointing the finger at gun makers, gun owners, and Republican lawmakers for the city's record-high homicide rate, without ever With gun control legislation stalled in Congress, the Left is looking for new ways to go after our 2A rights, and Forbes contributor Roxanne