After a lucrative three-day swing by former President Trump through California, President Biden returns to the West Coast to tap into the Democratic-dominated state's

Depending on who you ask, ranked choice voting can either reward extreme and wealthy candidates in elections or lead to a more publicly-palatable electoral

Representative Jamie Raskin (D-MD) said Friday on MSNBC's "The Last Word" that the Supreme Court striking down a ban on bump stocks is like flying

On Friday's "Situation Room," CNN legal analyst Norm Eisen lamented the U.S. Supreme Court's deliberative process for former President Donald Trump's criminal prosecution immunity

WASHINGTON (AP) — Speaker Mike Johnson said Friday that the House will go to court to enforce the subpoena against Attorney General Merrick Garland

As she treads the cancer treatment labyrinth of hopes and fears, Catherine, Princess of Wales, announced Friday she will make her first public appearance

The Biden administration’s revision of Title IX rules to favor transgender students suffered a major defeat Thursday after a federal judge in Louisiana allowed

The Stanford Internet Observatory is reportedly winding down after the departure of its two top leaders, a development hailed by free-speech advocates who accused