By Jan Nieuwenhuijs of Gainesville CoinsChinese private sector gold imports accounted for 543 tonnes in the first quarter, while the People’s Bank of China

The "Greater Idaho" movement notched another victory this week, as Oregon's Crook County became the 13th county to vote to secede from leftist domination

China has just launched enormous military exercises codenamed “Joint Sword-2024A” which are designed to simulate what a war against Taiwan would look like.  Chinese fighter

This is a very bad time for those that work in the real estate industry.  Thanks to the Federal Reserve, mortgage rates are much

I have a great idea.  Let’s wildly print money, let’s systematically destroy the reserve currency of the globe, let’s add a trillion dollars to

[unable to retrieve full-text content]Rudy Giuliani pleaded not guilty Tuesday to nine charges he is facing in Arizona in relation to a case focused

Have you ever felt like you can never seem to get ahead no matter how hard you try?  If so, you are definitely not

Did we just witness a moment that will permanently alter history?  As I write this article, the entire world is waiting for confirmation that

For centuries, the Vatican has been carefully guarding their most precious secrets.  In recent years, that has been especially true regarding what they know